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/// How it Works

What we do

Freedom Cash Lenders gives you the ability to apply for a cash loan fast!  And from the FREEDOM of the internet.  We feel that you should not have to pay the large fines banks charge for bouncing a check when you do not have enough money before your next paycheck.  That’s right, we believe you deserve FREEDOM from bounce check fees.

Our goal is to provide you with access to a short term loans from the internet and privacy of your computer.  Many people like you are often overlooked by banks and when you are short on cash, you have very few choices to get the cash quickly without a lot of hassle.  Borrowing from a bank can take weeks.  All we do is online loans.  We make it easy for you.  We do this by having flexible requirements – meaning that applications are available to more people.  Even those with a poor credit score, poor credit history, or no history at all may find that an online Freedom Cash loan can offer a realistic alternative to using banks or less reputable lenders.

Our customers

Our Freedom Cash Lender customers come from all over the United States and are employed in just about every type of job in the country.  Of course, you must be at least 18 years of age to apply.  And, you will need to have a regular source of income – most likely a regular paycheck or monthly benefits.  The important thing is that you have the ability to repay the loan.  Fill in the application and our system will do the work to connect you first with Freedom Cash Lenders directly as a lender, and if we are unable to lend to you directly, we will present you to our network of other qualified lenders who may be able to assist you.  If we feel we can lend to you directly, your application will be captured in our systems and you will be presented with a contract at the end of the application process.  We will still need to speak with you and one of our friendly loan representatives will contact you to verify the information and provide the final approval.  We will help you finish the process every step of the way.  Your loan is not final until you agree to the terms and we fund the loan to your bank account.

You will have full control of the process. Once you submit your information into our system, our system first verifies if your application meets the base criteria for a loan with us at Freedom Cash Lenders.  If not, we will then present your application to our trusted network of other lenders so that they may review your information to see if they can accept your application and offer you a loan.  Once a verification and connection is identified, you get to review the details of the program and decide if you want to complete the loan or not. There are no obligations for completing the application and your information will be secure. Also, our connecting service is completely free.

We know that anyone can get into a situation where they need cash today and payday is still days or weeks away or not enough to get them by their current financial crisis.  Freedom Cash Lenders gives you FREEDOM to do what you need to do today. We will help you find the money you need, when you need it, no matter your financial history.